March 10, 2007


In a Colorado blizzard, the Presque Isle Women’s Team WON THE USCSA NATIONAL RELAY.  Chandra Wisneski took the classic scramble leg in hard conditions and skied away with University of Wyoming team.  They traded places the entire 5km course and tagged off within 10 seconds of each other.  Hannah Shepard took the second classic leg and continued to trade with Wyoming for the next 4km until she made a move on the final downhill and gapped the Wyoming skier.  She tagged Meagan Toussaint with nearly a 30 second leed and she pulled away for the final skate leg and won the lady Owls first National Championships in a relay.


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March 10, 2007


Team Hug at the Finish

More Photos on Relay

March 10, 2007

They WON

Team at the Finish Line

Classic Races

March 9, 2007

SarahToday was a “learning day” with variable conditions that are the hallmark of spring skiing.  There was ice, slush, powder, chunks of ice and glaze to name a few.  Meg stood on the podium again, Bjorn missed it by a hand full of seconds and Chandra broke into the top 15 for the first time this week.  Every member of the team learned something today and after a few hours there were some smiles.

Our Day Off and Other Matters of Skiing

March 9, 2007

Our home this weekNo races today.  We skied the course for Friday, tested skis, checked out town and made a nice dinner while sharing stories and telling jokes.  Winter Park is a really nice place and today I had the time to think how lucky all of us are on this team.  We each ski hundreds of hours a year, travel to great destinations and spend time with bright and clever teammates. 

 Tomorrow each will stand on the start line, putting themselves to the test one more time.  We are fortuante to have the opportunity, a real chance to grow and test character while finding meaning in what each of us loves. 

Coach Kris

March 8, 2007


A team member captured this image after seven hours in the sun, 5 hours waxing skis, 1 cup of coffee, no lunch, 1 national champion and ready for sleep – and loving every second.  That said, my office this week has a fantastic view of the Colorado Rockies and I work with a brilliant group of young adults.  Each works hard every single day to be the best they can at all parts of their life. 

Entire Team Rocks – Toussaint Gold – Bakken Silver

March 8, 2007

Meg with GoldThe 15km skate mass start was another great day for the entire team and it was fun to have a gold and silver from the efforts.  We have a day off and then the 7.5km classic.